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Today, it is impossible for us to imagine the time when there were no computers. We are living in the times when laptops, net books, tablets, etc. are common knowledge even for a primary school child. Computer Science is being taught as a subject as early as in class 1 therefore looking at Computer Engineering comes quite naturally to a lot of students.


Computer Engineering encompasses studying subjects from both electrical engineering as well as computer science. The knowledge from these two branches is applied in making and development of computers and allied systems. There are two types of computer engineers – hardware engineers and software engineers. Hardware engineers build computers like workstations, laptops, PCs or tablets. They also develop systems, which are computer based like those in electronic equipment, communication networks and even complex navigational systems found in aircrafts and space satellites.


Then there are those who are trained as software engineers. They design the software program, the VLSI chips, analog sensors, circuit boards and other things required to operate the hardware system. Even the highly revered field of robotics, which includes research and design of motors and sensors falls under the purview of a computer engineer. Some of them write programs known as operating system that makes the computer work such as windows and Linux. Others write programs which are meant for specific purpose like creating a document, editing a photograph or designing a house. There are still others who design the communication and network interface between various computers. For all this, there are languages in which codes, that the machines can understand, are written.


With all the development that is happening in the world of computers, for a career in this field, one has to keep oneself knowledge abreast. There are a number of computer languages in which the programs can be written and still newer ones are being developed every day. It is just a matter of time that what is the latest today becomes obsolete. All in all it is not just a technical field, but also a one, that demands constant updating of knowledge.

Courses & Eligibility

Bachelor of Engineering (BE)/ Bachelor of Technology (BTech): The eligibility class 12th with physics, chemistry and maths as the main subjects and qualification in the Entrance Exam. The AMIE (Associate Memberships of the Institution of Engineers) offers courses, which are also equivalent to BE and B.Tech. Masters in Engineering( ME) or Masters in Technology M.Tech: Eligibility is BE, B Tech and qualification in the entrance exam also known as Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam. The marks scored in this exam are valid in most colleges.

For those who wish to study further, a Ph.D. in engineering can be pursued.

Course Fees

IIT Bombay charges a per semsecter fee of Rs 59,750 and Hoste fee is additional.

There are a number of scholarships, fee waivers and loans available for those who are unable to fund the education. Apart from this, in most colleges the students can earn a small amount while working on a research project with the professors in their college and this can also help funding the course. The fees in other private colleges vary a lot ranging from about 40,000 per semester to a few lakhs.

Top Colleges for Computer Engineering / B Tech Computer Sciene

In India there are many Universities and colleges that offer B Tech / B E Computer Science and M Tech Computer Science. Some of the top colleges offering the course are:


1.Indian Institute of Technology,
2.Delhi Indian Institute of Technology,
3.Bombay Indian Institute of Technology,
4.Kharagpur Indian Institute of Technology,
5. Kanpur Indian Institute of Technology,
6.Madras Indian Institute of Technology,
7.Guwahati Indian Institute of Technology,
8.RoorkeeInstitute of Technology,
9.Benaras Hindu University,
10.Benaras Institute of Technology,
11.Ropar Indian Institute of Technology,
12.Gandhi Nagar Indian Institute of Technology, 13.Bhubaneshwar Indian Institute of Technology,
14.Hyderabad Indian Institute of Technology,
15.Patna Indian Institute of Technology,
16.Mandi Institute of Technology,
17.Indore Institute of Technology,
18.Rajsthan, Mentored by IIT Kanpur Temporarily at IIT Kanpur


Then there are 30 NIT’s located in various parts of the country that offer B Tech . M Tech and MCA programs.

1. NIT Warangal

2. NIT Tiruchirappalli

3. MANIT Bhopal

4. MNIT Jaipur

5. MNNIT Allahabad

6. NIT Jamshedpur

7. SVNIT Surat

8. VNIT Nagpur

9. NIT Kurukshetra

10. NIT Calicut

11. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar

12. NIT Rourkela

13. NIT Surathkal

14. NIT Patna

15. NIT Raipur

16. NIT Srinagar

17. NIT Hamirpur

18. NIT Delhi

19. NIT Arunachal Pradesh

20. NIT Agartala

21. NIT Durgapur

22. NIT Goa

23. NIT Puducherry

24. NIT Manipur

25. NIT Meghalaya

26. NIT Mizoram

27. NIT Nagaland

28. NIT Sikkim

29. NIT Silchar

30. NIT Uttarakhand


Then there are IIIT’s

ABV -Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Morena Link Road Gwalior.Indian Institute of Information Tehnology (IIIT) , Deoghat, Jhalwa, AllahabadIndian Institute of Information Tehnology, Design and Manufacturing (IIITDM) , Kancheepuram, Melakottaiyur, ChennaiPandit Dwarka Prasad Mishra Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing (IIITDM) IT Bhawan, Jabalpur Engg. Campus, Ranjhi, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Some other reputed colleges are

University Institute of Engineering and Technology, South campus, Panjab University Chandigarh Offers B Tech IT. Delhi Technological University, New Delhi (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering) Offers BE in ITNetaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi, BE in ITIndira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for women, New Delhi .




1. Indian Institute of Information Tehnology Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

2. Indian Institute of Information Tehnology, Guwahati

3. Indian Institute of Information Tehnology, Kalyani, West Bengal

4. Indian Institute of Information Technology,Una, Himachal Pradesh

5. Indian Institute of Information Technology,Vadodara Gujarat

6. Indian Institute of Information Technology,Kota, Rajasthan

7. Indian Institute of Information Technology,Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu

8 Indian Institute of Information Technology,Sonepat, Haryana

9 Indian Institute of Information Technology, Senapati, Manipur

10 Indian Institute of Information Technology, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

11 Indian Institute of Information Technology,Kottayam, Kerala

12 Indian Institute of Information Technology,Dharward, Karnataka

13 Indian Institute of Information Technology,Pune, Maharashtra

14 Indian Institute of Information Technology,Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

15 Indian Institute of Information Technology,Bodhjungnagar, Tripura

16 Indian Institute of Information Technology,Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

Pay and Remuneration

For all the hard work that computer engineers put in for four years of their study, they are rewarded with highly paid jobs. The average salary for fresh graduates from good institutes is about Rs 4.5 lakhs-Rs 6 lakhs a year. To start with, the fresh graduates are employed as trainees or development engineers. They are then promoted to the level of design engineer, senior design engineer and then project leader. The salary ranges from Rs 20 lakhs-Rs 30 lakhs a year.

Career Prospects

The Prospects for Computer Engineering would remain quite robust in the coming years.All the new age information technology solutions would require computer engineering as the core discipline for it’s development, Computer Engineering is going to be one of the most sought after courses.

Famous Personalities

There are two names in the world of computers that are not unknown to anyone. Bill Gates has made an everlasting mark in this field with Windows and then Steve Jobs who gave birth to Apple. That Bill Gates is not an engineer does not undermine his contribution to this field. Tim Berners-Lee and his contribution to the World Wide Web, Alan Dix and his research in Human Computer Interface, Brendan Eich and Mozilla and Bill Joy of the Sun Microsystems are some other famous names from the world of computers

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