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Team Members

Salman Naseer
Maths faculty

Having Vast experience in teaching mathematics for various levels. Since 2006 he has been guiding students for their better education. “There are no secrets to success, It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure”.

Co founder

Our Motive

Engineering entrance exams give an opportunity to pursue a B Tech or B.E program in diverse branches. A few colleges offer integrated five-year programs. With the right kind of course selection and guidance, the opportunities are numerous. In order to tackle these engineering exams, one needs to have conceptual clarity and objective exam strategies. The tests are time-bound and with negative marking, so it is with practice one can gain speed and improve accuracy.

Aimstutorial EAMCET/JEE Program Structure:

  1. The course is divided into 3 Phases. Firstly, students will have a foundation course. Secondly, Preparing for their board syllabus. Followed by IIT JEE topics.
  2. Every phase has Individual examinations followed by doubt clarification sessions.
  3. For each phase separate in house designed books and practice materials prepared by our experts are provided for the students.
  4. Regular assignments and customized handouts are provided for students.
  5. Feedbacks and mind mapping sessions for about 40 minutes on a daily basis.
  6. Weekly Test: Examinations are conducted on every Monday based on the academic syllabus explained in that particular week. This will help the students not only to improve their topic-wise knowledge but also to familiarize all Competitive Models.
  7. Mock tests: The examinations will be similar to that of the actual EAMCET/ JEE or other competitive exams in terms of difficulty level. In addition to that, a particular peer can adapt to time management which is the key factor to crack  Engineering Competitive Exams.
  8. Regular test, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Pre-finals examinations are conducted based on Intermediate Board pattern.
  9. Explaining the number of strategies for answering objective questions in core subjects.
  10. Doubt clarification session along with question paper discussion to improve their scores and reduce their faults.
  11. Learning time management strategies which are the foremost factor to crack competitive examinations.
  12. Preparing a set of tactics and plan of action to deal with difficult question papers.

Academic Plan for 2 Years:

Term Period Goal Focus
Term 1 June – September Concept builder IPE+ EAMCET
Term 2 September – November Concept builder IPE+ EAMCET
Term 3 December – January Concept builder EAMCET
Term 4 January – March Score builder IPE
Term 5 April – August Concept builder IPE+ EAMCET
Term 6 August  – November Concept builder IPE+EAMCET
Term 7 November – January Rank Builder- 1 EAMCET
Term 8 January – March Score Builder IPE
Term 9 March-May Rank Builder- 2 EAMCET


Aimstutorial Course Benefits:


Experienced faculty

The lecturers are highly qualified who are having tons of experience in specific subjects.


Board preparation

Apart from the jee and other competitive examinations the students are trained to do well in their particular state board exams.


Mind Mapping

It is a one-one doubt clarification session at the end of the day which elevates their subject knowledge.


Drill tests

These tests are conducted to check whether the students are coping up with jee main exam pattern.


Simulated tests

These exams are conducted to ensure that the students are familiarized with the difficulty of actual engineering competitive examinations.


Excellent academic track record

Aimstutorial has an excellent track record from the past 5 years with magnificent results in competitive examinations as well as board examinations which made us proud