Intermediate botany second year important questions

Intermediate botany second year important questions

Intermediate botany second year important questions

Inter 2nd year Botany Important questions with Answers.

  1. inter 2nd year botany : Transport & Plants.
  2. inter 2nd year botany : Mineral & Nutrition
  3. inter 2nd year botany : Enzymes
  4. inter 2nd year botany : Photosynthesis in higher plants
  5. inter 2nd year botany : Respiration in plants


Weightage of Biology in NEET 2019

  • The biology section is divided into Botany and Zoology, each having 45 questions.
  • It is usually the easiest out of the three subjects and thus, a savior for many students.
  • In NEET 2017, the weightage tilted towards class XII syllabus from which 46 questions were asked as compared to 44 questions from the class XI syllabus.
  • In Zoology, class XII syllabus had more weightage and only 3 questions were asked from class XI.
  • However, in Botany, class XI had more weightage from where 35 questions were asked.
  • NEET 2019 is expected to have a lot of questions from Human Physiology and Plant Diversity

Important Books for NEET Biology Preparation

Students are highly recommended to be thorough with NCERT since that is where most of the questions will be asked from. Almost 70-75 questions of Biology are expected directly from NCERT which is the foundation text. In this section, the only use of reference books is for sample papers and mock tests.

Book Title Author
Complete NEET Guide: Biology MTG Editorial Board
Elementary Biology Volume 1 & 2 Trueman
Question Bank for Biology Dr. Ali
Objective Biology Dinesh
NEET 2019 Biology Guide- 5th Edition Disha Publications

List of JEE Main & JEE Advanced Books


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