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Complete coaching for 10 +2 students of MPC and MEC Stream.

 About us:

Salman Naseer
Maths faculty
Having Vast experience in teaching mathematics for various levels
Co founder
Mohd Abdul Habeeb
Commerce faculty
A perfect teacher who teach with real life examples.
Mohd Ata Ur Rehman
Chemistry Faculty
A true leader by birth

Welome to aimstutorial, Hyderabad

Mr. Naseer Salman 
His explanation technique is such that he incorporates theory in practical life situations for better understanding. Adopting a unique and student friendly teaching style Salman sir is undoubtly regarded as one of the rarest faculty available in Hyderabad. With nearly 10 years of experience he is able to connect to the mentality of the student at ease which helps the students to adopt to the syllabus and environment very easily. with no more description required, he is the best teacher available.


  • Conceptual teaching techniques
  • Individual One – to – One Doubts: One to  one sessions between the teacher and the student for doubts clarification  or Personalized attention.
  • Extracting the best from the learners
  • Special classes  will be conducted to prepare the students for board exams and various competitive exams.
  • Micro Assignment : A special booklet will be given to practice the questions of Telugu Academy Text Book thoroughly.
  •  A specially  designed book by us will be given to solve problems in short and easiest  methods.

Our aim:

  • Our mission is to provide  free education for all intermediate students Through online mode.


AIMSTUTORIAL  is founded, to provide qualitative education for needy students

To make the students understand and master basic concepts in the Subjects of Mathematics , Physics and Chemistry.

To help Students prepare for various talent search exams and competitive exams.


Critical Thinking/Reasoning

Recognize, understand, and construct appropriate patterns, structures, and models to solve problems in novel contexts (Fluency).
Analyze or construct arguments, considering underlying assumptions and potential counterarguments where appropriate (Critical Thinking).
Reach sound conclusions based on logical analysis of evidence (Sound Reasoning).
Formulate new questions for active inquiry, and demonstrate the competence and confidence to build on one’s knowledge base. (Active Engagement).
Identify, evaluate, analyze, synthesize, and document appropriate sources (Information Literacy).

Disciplinary Thinking

Articulate the beauty, power, and promise of our core disciplines (Disciplinary Appreciation).
Consider problems from the perspective of each discipline, applying concepts and techniques from that discipline (Disciplinary Thinking).
Apply the scientific method, including hypothesis formation, data collection, analysis, and interpretation (Scientific Method).

Interdisciplinary Thinking

Integrate strategies from multiple disciplines to solve problems (Interdisciplinary Thinking).
Appreciate key ideas in the discipline from a variety of perspectives, including historical perspectives and the contribution of diverse cultures (History and Culture).

Societal Impact/Application

Link theory to applications of technical work in society (Applications).
Explore the relationship of technical work to society and contemporary

cultures (Societal Impact).

Collaboration and Communication
Communicate clearly and persuasively for the intended audience, in oral and/or written form (Oral and/or Written Communication).
Collaborate effectively as part of a team (Teamwork).