1st Year Botany Study Material


Unit-I: Diversity in the Living World Chapter 1: The Living World
Chapter 2: Biological Classification
Chapter 3: Science of Plants – Botany
Chapter 4: Plant Kingdom
Unit - II: Structural Organisation in Plants- Morphology Chapter 5: Morphology of Flowering Plants
Unit -III: Reproduction in Plants Chapter 6: Modes of Reproduction
Chapter 7: Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Unit -IV: Plant Systematics Chapter 8: Taxonomy of Angiosperms
Unit -V: Cell Structure and Function Chapter 9: Cell – The Unit of Life
Chapter 10: Biomolecules
Chapter 11: Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Unit -VI: Internal Organisation of Plants Chapter 12: Histology and Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Unit -VII: Plant Ecology Chapter 13: Ecological Adaptations, Succession and Ecological Services