1st Year English Study Material


Prose Poetry
1.Thinking out of the Box: Lateral Thinking 1. On Friendship
2. Gender Bias 2. Television
3. The Art of Wicket-Keeping: The Uttakh-Bhaitakh Breed 3. A Spider and A Fly
4. Robots and People 4. Mother’s Day
5. You’re on the 87th Floor, and Something’s Terribly Wrong 5. Anecdote for Fathers
6. The Refund
Non-Detailed Grammar
1. After Twenty Years Parts Of Speech
2. The Gold Frame Articles
3. The Story-Teller Words And Their Meanings
4. The Face on the Wall The Uses Of Tenses
5. The Nightingale and the Rose Missing Letters
6. Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory Forward To Grammar Elements
Direct And Indirect Speech
Degrees Of Comparison
Correction Of Sentences
Constructing A Dialogue